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Dear D.E. Carroll Construction Co.,

We just moved into our new location, the Veterans Community Care Center, 81 Bridge St., Lowell, MA., this morning. I had hoped to write you sooner but I just didn't get the chance.

I would like to say that it was indeed a pleasure, working with you and your crew during the past few months. The place looks wonderful and several people have commented accordingly. We opened up early this morning for business with a skelteon crew staff and a small number of veterans.

Please stop by when you have a chance and see us in action. Thanks again, for your wonderful cooperation and fine working alliance.

Maureen P, RN, CS
Chief, VCCC
Bedford, MA 01730
2. “We hired D.E. Carroll to replace our roof on our home that is over 100 years old that still contained the original slate roof. Our roof had been leaking all throughout our second floor bedrooms and bath areas. They ended up having to replace the old boarding under the slate with new plywood. This was an “unseen” extra that David and Matt helped to explain that it needed to be replaced to sustain a proper new roof. Our entire family marveled at how quick the job was completed during a heat wave in August. We have already recommended D.E. Carroll to friends and family”

Bruce L. L., MA
3. “I wanted to take some time out of my hectic schedule to show you and your crew an absorbement amount of gratitude for the work completed to our office. We can't believe that you transformed our “old dump” into a place that we actually like driving into every morning. P.S The color scheme you came up with might be brought into my own home. Tell the guys that they are welcome back to our Christmas Party.”

Barbara H. B., MA
4. To the crew of D.E. Carroll,

Our condo association was a bit hesitant at first on hiring an “out of town” company, but boy did you really put our worries to rest. Many times the crew stayed well beyond the typical eight hour work day. Let alone the staff was quite friendly and totally knowledgeable in answering all of our questions. Thank you again for a job well done.

Andrea C. C., MA
5. “You took our ideas, added in your own expertise and knowledge and really ran with it. We had no idea that you could actually make our entire backyard into our new vacation destination. See you next year for the front.”

Christine B. M., MA
6. “At first we were thinking of moving, but with all the memories in this house we all decided against it. We contacted D.E. Carroll on the advice of a close family friend, to give us guidance in the building of our new two stall garage and master suite above. Now all our family wants to come over now which is fine to us. We owe a big tremendous thank you to David and the crew for a job done beyond well. And to think that we received 40 inches of snow in the two months you were here!”

Deidre L. S. Beach, NH
7. “Dear David and Crew, Now that the holiday company is gone, we've all recovered from a two week flu and finished the biggest part of the painting; I can do what I should have done weeks ago. The whole family wanted to thank you for all your beautiful work on our house. I can't express how much we appreciated all of your craftsmanship and professionalism to say nothing of how quickly it was done with no sacrifice to quality. Every person who walks through the new house can't get over how wonderful it all turned out. I always give the credit to you all. We are enjoying the space as only long, space deprived people can. We've still got a lot of painting and finishing touches but we're slowly chipping away at it. Thanks again for everything. We miss you all but we are sure you don't miss the ride to Marblehead.

Mary and Gary R. Ma, MA
8. It is hard to believe that I can stand in my front yard and marvel at how nice our new roof looks. I feel like the King of the Street. The black architectural style shingle has really added the depth perception to the house that we were hoping to achieve. The entire job was done in less then two days. Unbelievable! Thank you again for all your help.

Walter K. L., MA
9. Dear D.E. Carroll Employee's

At my age dealing with headaches pertaining to my house can really put me in the “dumps”. I knew the previous contractor had not installed the roof right due to the fact of constant leaking and shingles falling out of their place on my roof. And to think that the roof was only 12 years old! Matt assured me that their “hurricane nailing” technique would ensure the shingles spot on my roof for many years to come. When it is time to put the vinyl siding on, I know who to call. Thank you again for all the help.

Anne C. T., MA
10. Dear David and Company,

Now that Spring is upon us we can really revel at how magnificent the house turned out. I say magnificent due to the fact at how many neighbors and friends tell us so. I was told by other contractors that this two family was a “tear down” but John and I thought different. You really have a knack of foreseeing what the house will turn out like. You helped us stay under budget with neat ideas that we could do on our own. Although we might not be seeing you for quite a while we are sure to tell our family and friends about the level of professionalism that your company brings to the construction contracting business.

Emile K. L., MA
11. You guy's did a great job. After the tree fell on our house, and we knew everyone was o.k., we thought how much is this going to cost? We contacted your company on a whim totally on your ad in the phonebook. You answered our call on the first try (many other contractors had answering services). You sounded like you were genuinely concerned and that you would help be the liaison between the insurance company and ourselves. We had no idea what brand or color of siding we had but you were able to match it up with the new material perfectly. We had no idea at how quick your men would work. Nights and Nights of worrying were put to bed after you finished the job in one day! I cannot thank you enough.

Deborah D. L., MA
12. Dear David and Company,

It has been a full year now since the work has been completed. I cannot believe what an undertaking this process really all was. From the rough site work to bringing in the road to the almost 20,000 square feet of building that went on. People do not believe when I tell them it was all done in less than two years. My own cousin called me a bold face liar until I showed her the timeline of events on my computer's file photos. David you surpassed my expectations leaps and bounds. You brought your A+ game to this job! Everything you initially stated you did and I can totally understand how arduous of a task that must be. You had the weight of the world on your shoulders and you delivered big time. To think that one man could manage over 100 subs at any given time with such proper coordination is a task in its own right (never mind the work at hand). Words can really not express the feeling I have walking the grounds of this property. David you know that you and your company are our go to guys and please don't be bashful to stop in and say Hello. The 250 mile ride isn't that long is it?

Robin S. P., ME/ Natick, MA